I hate my body!

I’ve been there; uncomfortable in my own skin, not wanting to leave the house or dress up, comparing my body to every other girl’s body I saw, hypervigilaint to how my body felt. If you’re reading, you probably know the feeling too. Maybe you are feeling it right now reading this on your phone or sitting in front of your computer. You may have found this blog post searching and surfing on instagram next to a picture of a toned girl in a ruffly pink bikini sipping out of a coconut on a flamingo or unicorn pool floaty. 

Maybe you’re asking if I’ve been there, where am I now? Living life and NOT hating my body, that’s where!

How did I get there? First, it wasn’t easy. The road was long, filled with speed bumps, hills, and self-reflection. If you are starting out on this journey, your road will look different and that’s because your body is different. That’s the beauty of it. You are about to embark on a journey that is uniquely yours and no one else gets to tell you how to do it. 

But, if you must know…Here’s how I got here!

  1. Exercise—I first thought that this was to change my body, but what ended up happening is that exercise changed my mind about my body. I saw and felt it get stronger. I started to realize that my body is capable of things I never thought imaginable. Each day, each workout, each run I grew to appreciate my body and what it could do. 
  2. Eating nourishing foods and learning when to eat them and why. I took time to educate myself on which foods do what in terms of being proper fuel for my body. I also reflected on what it FELT like to eat these foods and the sensations of how my body responded. This helped me to improve my relationship with food and with food.
  3. Wearing clothes that fit ME. I chose to wear clothes that matched my personality and how I wanted the world to see me in them. I also chose clothes based on comfort.
  4. I reminded myself of the parts of my body that I like and I gave the parts I didn’t like a little extra self-love. I made a commitment to not perseverate on these parts, and to accept them instead. 
  5. I spent time with people and animals that helped me to feel good. The ones who loved me for me and the ones who were always there to support me. 
  6. Reconnected with my body. I listened to it and gave it what I needed. 
  7. Treated my body like I would a friend. 

You’re welcome to try any of these things that helped me, but like I said, your journey will most likely look different. Our body is our home. It comes with us everywhere and it helps keep us going. Listen to your body and it will point you in the right direction!