“Summer Body” Pressures


With summer fast approaching, it’s hard to not see messages in media urging us to take part in the diet and workout frenzy to make sure our bodies are ready for the beach. We know that with warmer weather, our bodies are more on display. We are more conscious of the way our bodies look when more of our skin is out there for others to see. The quest for that perfect “summer body” can increase anxiety and depression, lead to body image issues, and decrease overall self-esteem and self-worth.

Some things to keep in mind and practice during “summer body” season:

  • Avoid forms of media that trigger you—maybe this is magazines, instagram, facebook, or whatever. If it doesn’t create happiness for you, don’t look at it!
  • If you are dieting or trying to lose weight, go by how you feel and not by the numbers on the scale. Often times, the numbers on the scale are not a good indication of how your body looks. Instead, try to focus on making healthy choices and notice how your body feels when it is fueled by nutritious foods.
  • Keep in mind that there is a whole industry that profits on you not liking your looks
  • Focus on the positives—your positive attributes, making positive experiences, and spending time with people who help you feel good not inadequate. 
  • MOVE! Get up, get out, and move. Enjoy the warm weather!
  • Stay away from crash diets and focus on living a healthy lifestyle made up of healthy choices.
  • Treat yo’ self! No foods are off limits when you eat them in moderation.
  • Find positive role models
  • Celebrate your curves and your unique features!
  • Remember, you grow more from the journey so trust the process!

If you are struggling with the pressure to obtain that “summer body”, I am offering a 3 session program either face to face or online that will focus on decreasing anxiety, increasing body acceptance, and learning mindfulness skills to help you manage your emotions around this topic. This will be offered at a discounted rate of $240, whereas 3 sessions would run $270 total!