Exercise, The Brain, & Mental Health

Individuals who suffer from mental illnesses are at a higher risk for developing certain medical
issues. Exercise is often used to combat physical and medical issues, and less often used to help
alleviate mental health symptoms. When we think of treating mental illnesses, we rarely think of
incorporating exercise and physical activity. Through research, it has been shown that exercise
has a greater impact on the brain and mental health symptoms than was once originally thought.

It is common knowledge that often times, people experience a mood enhancement effect
after they exercise. This suggests that exercise and physical activity may be used as a treatment
for certain mental disorders in which calls for the regulation of mood. Exercise has also been shown to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. It has also been shown to improve the way that the brain functions, allowing us to better take in and process information. 

For more information about exercise, the brain, and mental health, refer to this literature review written by yours truly!