Weight Management

Do you find that no matter what diet you try, you just can’t seem to lose weight? Or do you see the pounds come off, but they come back soon after?  Do you want to improve your relationship with food and your body?

Are you currently on a diet and feel:

  • Overwhelmed by the limitations of your current diet?

  • Like your diet is depriving you of something?

  • Discouraged or disappointed that you haven’t lost the weight you had hoped?

  • Overwhelmed by other life problems?

I believe that you can have a healthier relationship with your weight and food at any size and shape.

If you find that this has been a recurrent problem with all of the diets you have tried, it may be that your mindset is not where it needs to be. The way that we think about food and hunger plays a bigger role in dieting than one might think.

In Therapy

Through the use of Cognitive Therapy,I will help you to understand reasons why the diets you have tried may not have worked. I will support you in getting into the right mindset to help you feel prepared to and empowered to conquer your weight loss issues.

I will help you to identify and overcome:

  • Triggers to Eating

  • "Sabotaging" Thoughts (thoughts that convince you to sabotage your diet)

  • Cope with and Conquer Cravings

  • Cope with Disappointments

  • Eliminate Emotional Eating

  • Cope with Additional Life Stressors


We will do all of this over a six to eight week period. My aim is to support you in identifying the thoughts that are getting in the way of your weight loss goals, and to help you feel empowered in your relationship with food.