Those Who Are Here For Another Reason

Whatever brings you here, I'd love to better understand your struggles and learn if I can help. Whether you are struggling with stress, grief and loss, life transitions, feelings of sadness, relationship issues, or anything else, I am here to listen, to help, and to give support.

Even though I specialize in working with a specific populations, I most of all love working with people and helping them work towards positive change. I have experience working young children, teens, young adults, middle age adults, and older adults. I also have experience in treating anxiety, depression, OCD symptoms, bipolar symptoms, difficulty regulating emotions, issues with anger, panic disorder, social anxiety, and a number of other issues. 

Feel free to contact me so that we can determine if you and I would be a good fit. I offer free 20 minute phone consultations for this specific reason. If you decide that we aren't a good match, I can make a referral to another therapist who will be able to help.

I believe that you can achieve the relationship you want with yourself. Now it’s your turn.