Exposure Therapy


Do you have a list of fear or banned foods? Has this list gotten longer over time? Do you fear going out and eating or eating front of others? This type of list and isolating behaviors can be extremely difficult to break. It can cause intense anxiety and panic. Gradually and with my support, we can work together to make your list smaller and or help you feel more comfortable in social settings where food is involved. 

You CAN successfully taste and enjoy the foods you are afraid of. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Fear Foods/Banned Foods


This is an opportunity for you to start changing your relationship with the foods you’ve stayed far away from. We can work together to make this list smaller either in my office or at your home. We will coordinate which foods to bring and how much. We can start with just one food on the list, or try a couple. You will set the pace and I will offer support and gentle guidance. 

Restaurant Outings


This is an opportunity to start to change your relationship with food in the community. We are often faced with having to eat at restaurants, in front of others, at other’s homes. If you are someone who avoids these situations, you may feel like you are missing out and alienated from others. You and I will pick a restaurant to visit, and gradually help you get acclimated to being in that setting. We will gradually increase your exposure to the setting, ordering a meal, and eating it, so that you can experience this very common activity on your own.

Grocery Shopping

grocery store.jpg

The grocery store can be a place that is very triggering for some. You and I will work our way through your grocery store hot spots in a way that will help you feel safe and confident to have a successful shopping trip on your own.